Nicole Ryan



Nicole Renee Ryan is a contemporary watercolorist, oil painter and muralist from Mercer, PA, working in Pittsburgh.

She is obsessed in painting her memories of the natural world.  These memories are misremembered, wrong, overly romantic or tragic and are defined as much by what is missing by what is present.  Her landscapes are dominated by large clouds, grey skies, storms and flattened patches of earth.

Landscapes are her perfect metaphor. Clouds and weather become mood and personality.  Light and color shift and move to become a simple description of time when seen subtly changing over multiple paintings.

In 2015 Nicole was awarded a residency at the New York Student’s League at Vytacil and a fellowship at VCCA.  She was also nominated for Pittsburgh Emerging Artist of the Year for 2016.  Nicole is featured in a just released book of watercolors by North Light Books, Splash 15: Texture.



Promise of Tomorrow