First Friday!

Grove City Artworks welcomes Mike Weber to the Wendell August Gallery for our February show!

Join us Friday, February 5 from 7-9pm as we open Mike’s exhibition.

From Mike’s Website:

Well to start, my name is Mike. I’m currently living in western Pennsylvania, originally from New Jersey. Dabbling in different kinds of art is something I’ve been doing for a while but I was never too serious about anything in particular. I’ve had an interest and appreciation for photography but it seemed like something far off that I would never take the time to get into. I started an Instagram account a few years back taking pictures with my iPhone and more and more friends said I should consider trying out photography. So in March 2014 I got my first camera and gave it a shot. I’ve been loving it ever since and continue to push my creativity every chance I get.

I started I Am Mike Weber because this is who I am and this is what I see. I love giving people the opportunity to enjoy what might be closer than they think. It encourages people to go find and explore the beautiful things that are out there. I really believe art can be an awesome way to bring life to people and bring people to life. It does for me – when I see potential for an amazing shot, I get so excited. It’s one of the best and most life giving things I do. I think it’s important to stop and realize where you are and the beauty that surrounds matter where you are. You don’t have to go far.

For more of Mike’s amazing photography, please visit I Am Mike Weber

See you then!

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